Published on January 01 2017
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Conceived out of the idea that creativity should know no bounds, new concept store to the region, Minbart, is all about capturing, educating and investing into today's 'modern discoverer'; the 'adventuring spirit of society', if you will. With a launch theme of 'Keep Tribal Simple', Minbart explores different designers from around the globe from Brooklyn to London, Istanbul and beyond, interpreting fashion trends, sourcing unique designers and forming this into collection themes. The first edition features the likes of Bionda Castana, Linda Farrow, Gunseli Turkay and UAE-based design collective, no 3.

Also taking a keen interest in local, regional and international designers and their background stories, Minbart translates these elements into themed collections – allowing it to educate the customer through design. Joining a whole host of inspirational women based in the region, Buro 24/7 takes the opportunity of a one-to-one with Alia Al Qassimi, the owner Emirati founder of Minbart:

Tell us the story behind the decision to launch Minbart.

Coming from a design background and am a keen advocate of all things fashion - and it was this that inspired me to bring a unique concept space to the local community.

Minbart was born from my having a passion for fashion, creativity and a desire to add something different to the market place. From what started out as an empty space, a constantly changing creative platform has been developed. Minbart sells stories and is the perfect space for creative people to showcase their collections - and we want the community to become part of our tribe to learn and keep discovering with us along our journey. 

Why did you choose the name Minbart?

Minb-art is an abbreviation of the Arabic word minbar, which means 'platform' combined with "art." The name is a true representation of what we are trying to achieve with Minbart, giving creative people - local, regional and international - an engaging, creative platform to showcase their designs. 

What sets Minbart apart?

Minbart is the first concept store in Abu Dhabi, whose collaborations are beyond that which is just trendy; from avant-garde accessories, must- have pieces and covetously selective with all things beautifully urban- chic.

Minbart is truly an individual store as it markets an upbeat collection of women's fashion - only the stylish and cool. Minbart offers a unique experience, presenting fashion-conscious customers something new outside of your everyday department stores and other boutiques.

Minbart's streamlined interior serves as both a boutique and gallery simultaneously - offering fashion and design showcase elements, as well as moveable interiors and fixtures. None of the interior elements of Minbart are permanent, allowing a continuously developing space, suited to the context, collections and theming within. 

Why did you choose the theme 'Keep Tribal Simple'?

We wanted to lunch Minbart with inspirations taken from the latest fashion trends - and several fashion designers in the SS14 showcases were directly inspired by African and South American tribes, including Alexander McQueen and Valentino.

Minbart selects designers based on the stories behind their collections - and by translating these elements into the collection, gives us the opportunity to further educate the customer. For 'Keep Tribal Simple,' we have mixed ethnic and modern influences, fusing simplicity and bold prints; mixing styles and introducing a splash of tribal fever while maintaining the sophistication of the overall look.

Minbart's take on this tribal influence is all about the 'one' bold pattern teamed up with a touch of clean lines, where printed outfits are accessorized with a wooden clutch or wooden framed glasses and necks are adorned with statement pieces, juxtaposed on clean, simple lines. Who says the modern woman can't bring out her inner tribal cool? 

Who is your style hero/heroine?

Someone who is creative in their style, as well as being fashion forward, who bring simplicity with their look yet always make a statement. They might wear the simplest items but always look different.

What do you plan next to do next with the concept?

We have an expansion plan to grow Minbart and with the current store, we will continue to work hard to surprise Minbart clients every time they visit with with a new concept and theme. To keep up to date with all our upcoming plans, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @minbart – join the tribe online to receive Minbart's updates. 

Minbart is located at Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi

and is open from 10-10pm daily.

Source: http://www.buro247.com/me/fashion/insiders/alia-al-qassi-minbart-abu-dhabi.html

- See more at: https://www.minbart.com/blog/BRUNO/#sthash.fd7GR5Ua.dpuf