"I left school in Australia when I was 15 and started working right away. When I got to London, I was 19 and really desperate to get into fashion, but didn't know what that meant exactly. One of my first jobs was being a window dresser at Browns.

It was around 1996 and during that era when beautiful high-fashion stores equaled slightly snobby service. I was very uncomfortable with that. I remember thinking 'I don't think this works anymore. Why can't we create a store that makes every single person who walks in there feel great at all times?' That was the basis and the inspiration for my first store, Yasmin Cho. That's when I finally got the sense I was beginning my career.

Now I have my own consultancy business and a showroom. I also design Être Cécile—I never thought I'd ever have my own brand. It's such an honor! We wanted it to be cool and accessible but fun. It's been an unexpected evolution of my career, and it's been great.

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