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Studied art in her early life in preparation for her chosen career. She enrolled at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and received her B.A. in apparel design in 2008. Drawn to minimalist art and design since her college years, she had internships in Calvin Klein Collection and Morgane Le Fay.

She first launched JENNY PARK in 2011 as cashmere knitwear line which was consisted of sample contemporary cashmere sweaters. Through 5 fall/winter seasons, the line has gained recognition by adding up stockists such as SHOPBOP since then.

Jenny Park uses tone-downed colour pallet, soft and fluid fabrics to create her original feminine yet minimal look. While not limited to cashmere but rooted in the subtle luxuriousness of the material. JENNY PARK offers relaxed sophistication through fine fabrics and refined design.

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