“KIMEM”, bluntly translates as “who loves me” but conceals a wealth of flirty European provocation that might be better read as “You like what you see”.

Designed by European tomboy Emilie Boschung, KIMEM is the perfect mix between the European elegance and the Californian ease, the ultimate fusion between chic and comfort, where each piece becomes an essential to your wardrobe and celebrates the uniqueness of the woman who is wearing it.

From exquisite fall coats to cute summer dresses and timeless shirts, KIMEM pays homage to the modern woman who loves herself by dressing in practical and comfortable separates, which exude sophistication and effortless elegance.

Praising the “Keep it simple” and the “Less is more”, the brand prides itself on its effortlessly cool vibes and its timeless minimalist pieces. The collections offer styles in pure fabrics chosen not only for their texture and functionality, but also for their luxurious, classic refinement.

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