MIRANDA BENNETT STUDIO is a collection of season less, plant dyed apparel produced in the USA.  We naturally dye our textiles in-house and manufacture ethically with a local team of skilled artisans. 
Our design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity, with a focus on versatile, one-size-fits-most shapes. Dyed primarily with plant derived material such as wood fiber and indigo, our garments and textiles are cut from premium, natural fabrics.

Signature to the collection is textured Silk Noil, Cotton Gauze, and Denim with limited edition runs to be found in textiles such as washed Silk Charmeuse and Linens of various weights.  We do not believe in built in obsolescence or fast fashion; we believe in creating apparel that can journey with the wearer from day to evening and season to season. ​

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