The PP from LONGWY brand was founded in 2005.

Its young creator, whose identity remains a mystery, gives light, season after season, to a happy and playful world. He sets himself to an individual style research of each item following a single theme: constantly changing objects or elements that compose them to create original and exclusive items.

Pret-a-porter is defined by the personalization of vintage clothing. Colour fascinates him and the multicoloured ribbons that he uses, season after season, enhance or crystallize the objects to which he ascribes a new functioning.

The shoes and bags come from a creative step in reverse going from Eco to Pret-a-porter. The young creator gives this time a vintage and modern contemporary allure to pieces which came out of his imagination. He remains true to the colours using patch applications of bright blue, yellow or red on black leather. All jewelry and accessories collections follow a unique theme Fil Rouge.

During the season you can find the same luxury materials (metal plating, silver, ruthenium, enamel and leather) applied to rings, bracelets, earrings, hair jewelry and necklaces secured by amazing safety-pins.

All collections, made in Tuscany the cradle of Italian jewelry, benefit from an extremely high level of finishing.

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