Born to be admired landscapes and savor traditions during a continuous journey between nations and continents in which cultural influences coexist in harmony.  The logbook that comes integrates into the life of every day with elegance, strength and modernity. 

The SHIRTAPORTER project originated in 2010 from the creativity of a stylistic group made up of three unusual personalities and very different from each other after many years of industry experience decide to join their peculiarities to develop a collection that each season renews embracing styles and remained unexplored worlds.

The look at the past reveals itself in a classic femininity that seems recovered from furniture found in the attic, but also from the 50's and from folk flair of the 30s, in embroidery, jewels and trimmings  Modernity translates into over prints, unusual stratification and game of contrasts with a strong character, united in metropolitan style.

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